My name is Bill Bodell, and I am an architecture student currently attending Columbia University GSAPP. I’ve wanted to be an architect since I was about ten, ever since I visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House on a fifth-grade field trip. I have always been a math nerd with a strong capacity for critical reasoning, but it was the combination of creativity and mathematical thought that sparked my passion. Originally from the Chicago area, since August of 2013 I have been living in New York City, and I can safely say that I am living the dream.

This site will serve both as a platform for developing and distributing my ideas, with an emphasis on the intersection of architecture, technology, and libertarianism, and as an online portfolio of my work. I see myself as part of a new generation of architects raised in the information age, so it seems appropriate that I should embrace the new digital media by participating in the global network that is the blogosphere. Architecture is my passion; technology and libertarian philosophy inspire me to push the envelope.

Best regards,

Bill Bodell

Columbia University, GSAPP | Phone: (630)297-3103 | Email: bodellarch@yahoo.com,


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